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Want to know what it’s really like to work in fashion? Then read these articles and books…. (and yes, at some point you will end up sleeping on the floor)

Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones

How to gain your first job in fashion

There are no easy answers to this one, it will very much depend on your ability to make contacts while on your degree and during your internships and it will be about choosing a role within fashion based on your personal strengths that you focus on. It’s not all just about being a designer, be open to different roles within fashion.

You have a year before the next crop of students come out. Make sure your portfolio is professional at Fashion Graduate Week, be on Drapersjobs everyday keeping an eye out for “junior” positions, there are loads of smaller labels and high street suppliers you can work at to get experience.

If you worked hard during your degree then you will find that the people you worked for, your university lecturers and even your fellow students will put you forward for positions.

I suggest you read this article .

I also recommend a series of short films that Alexa Chung did for Vogue, while it is short on practical tips I believe it does give you a good overview: click here.

Useful websites for finding that first job (these are the same as the internship links):

Competitions are a great way to get noticed and are great for your CV:

All these competitions have passed, you will need to look up to find out when they will run again:



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